It’s OK

Technology is the reason we get old enough to complain about technology.
Garry Kasparov

It’s worth remembering that there is good news out there, if you know where to look.

Author: Terry Madeley

Works with student data and enjoys reading about art, data, education and technology.

One thought on “It’s OK”

  1. Gary has every reason to be angry as he was beaten by technology at the very game he dedicated his life to.
    But a little examination shows his failure to examine the situation . Computers don’t play chess they just number crunch millions of combinations and win. People play chess we don’t know how but they can’t number crunch.
    Technology reflects its discoverers , namely us , and we bend it and use it as the fancy takes us. One of our fancies is the mobile phone another is the expansive internet.
    Recently we’ve discovered a snag pollution and climate change , but we are booked and cannot go backwards.

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