Introducing Rex Specs

First cows, now dogs?

US Army trials augmented reality goggles for dogsBBC News
In current combat deployments, soldiers usually direct their animals with hand signals or laser pointers – both of which require the handler to be close by. But that need not be the case if the prototype AR goggles are widely adopted, the army said.

The US Army is testing augmented reality goggles for dogsThe Verge
The AR goggles themselves are adapted from an established piece of kit for military canines: protective goggles known as Rex Specs. Each pair of goggles has to be customized for its wearer, with 3D scans used to ascertain where exactly to place the HUD for optimal viewing angles. The familiarity of the Rex Specs, though, makes the goggles easy to adapt to, says Peper.

Author: Terry Madeley

Works with student data and enjoys reading about art, data, education and technology.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Rex Specs”

  1. It is freaky, surprising that these dogs willingly wear the goggles without attempting to get them off, dogs normally hate things like this. It’s one step away from a robotic k9 😊


          1. Loved this post about dogs and DNA, have shared it to Twitter. It’s so lovely to think that this is embedded into human DNA to need to have a pet. It makes sense. We have lived in an apartment and are not allowed pets and it’s getting annoying, this should be a basic human right for people to have pets if they wish hehe

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