Ho ho– oh!

Merry Christmas everyone. Did Santa creep into your room last night? Did you stay asleep?

Self, elfDeep Dark Fears

What a guy!

Photos of 40 scariest Santas of all timeVintage Everyday
Nowadays, everyone knows well the Christmas Santa in his red suit with a kind smile and his sack full of gifts. However, more than 50 years, the old bearded paunchy did not have the same nice look that we see today. For the proof, we let you discover these Santa Claus with absolutely creepy looks and clothes.

These are just a selection of the Christmas-themed Awkward Family Photo submissions. Follow the link for the cringey details behind each one.

But enough of Santa. We all know the real spirit of Christmas is best embodied in — traumatic Christmas movies!

Trauma surgeon breaks down every Home Alone injuryWIRED: YouTube
Trauma surgeon Annie Onishi … breaks down every injury from the first two films, explaining what would happen if Harry and Marv actually experienced the physical trauma that they sustain in the films.

Author: Terry Madeley

Works with student data and enjoys reading about art, data, education and technology.

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