Websites as flytraps, content as bait

Max Böck (previously) is fed up with the sorry state of the web these days, sentiments I share completely. And here’s Rubens Cantuni with similar thoughts on habit-forming app design, “like seeing those tobacco commercials from the 50s.”

Author: Terry Madeley

Works with student data and enjoys reading about art, data, education and technology.

2 thoughts on “Websites as flytraps, content as bait”

  1. Thanks for sharing that link to Max’s post. He description of the layers of data mining that happens when you hit some websites was spot on. I had that happen to me today where I wanted to get to the content of the page but couldn’t see it because of the pop up adds. Then there is also the argument of supporting the creators. Max also distinguishes this idea from the greed driven model. There are many things to think about here. Thanks again for sharing.

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