Caught out by their own documents #2

Dutch Data Protection Authority accidentally leaked its employees’ data “When it comes to data leaks, the same procedures apply to all parties, including us,” Gras added. Still, Gras insisted that the blunder in question was relatively mild and did not require any formal notification. “A data breach must be reported if it leads to serious … Continue reading “Caught out by their own documents #2”

Caught out by their own documents

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager currently tied up with the ongoing Russia investigation, must have skipped a few MS Office training seminars at work, as he seems to be unaware of Word’s Save As function. How Manafort’s inability to convert a PDF file to Word helped prosecutors“Manafort emailed Gates a .pdf version of the … Continue reading “Caught out by their own documents”

PDFs will outlive us all

Here’s an interesting piece on what could be quite a dull topic. As we’ve seen before, PDFs have a habit of catching people out, so it makes sense to learn a little more about this ubiquitous file format. I like the fact that, given that link to Manafort and Trump, the “killer app” may have … Continue reading “PDFs will outlive us all”

Version numbers and default fonts

Can’t really get excited about a new version of Windows, no matter how much the Google News algorithm thing wants to push it at me. Microsoft looks ready to launch Windows 11 – The VergeIt’s not long until we find out whether Microsoft is ready to dial the version number of Windows up to 11. … Continue reading “Version numbers and default fonts”

This report is ███████████

So what are we to make of the Mueller Report on Trump’s dealings with Russia? Here’s The Economist’s take on it. What to make of the Mueller report: Robert Mueller’s magnum opus The first 170 pages concern Russia. … Paul Manafort, Mr Trump’s campaign chair, who was deep in debt to a Russian oligarch, shared … Continue reading “This report is ███████████”