Where’s the harm?

Lots of talk about masks and where we should be wearing them. David McCandless and the Information is Beautiful team have updated their set of coronavirus infographics (previously) with this presentation of the risks involved with certain activities. COVID-19 CoronaVirus infographic datapack – Information is BeautifulCreated by David McCandless, Omid Kashan, Fabio Bergamaschi, Dr Stephanie … Continue reading “Where’s the harm?”

Staying safe, then and now

Are things getting better? It doesn’t feel like it. Paris salons, Shanghai Disney reopen despite global alarm over second coronavirus wave – Reuters News that the “reproduction rate” – the number of people each person with the disease goes on to infect – had surged back to 1.1 in Germany cast a shadow over the … Continue reading “Staying safe, then and now”

It’s not all bad news

I think I might not bother keeping up with current affairs for a while, it’s all too ridiculous. Basically, another prime minister, another deal, another vote. How much of Johnson’s ‘great new deal’ is actually new? As MPs prepare to vote on Boris Johnson’s EU withdrawal agreement, Guardian analysis shows that less than 5% of the … Continue reading “It’s not all bad news”

What makes good governance?

In an attempt to get rid of the sour taste left in our mouths from yesterday’s post about the rise of populist politics, here are some more award-winning data visualisations via David McCandless and the Information is Beautiful people. The winners of the World Data Visualization Prize Conducted in partnership with the World Government Summit, … Continue reading “What makes good governance?”

Seeing Brexit clearly

Even as we approach the end of the beginning of Brexit, it’s still hard to pin down what it is. On one hand, it’s simple — it’s a mistake. On the other, the complicated tangle of frameworks it’s operating within is hard to grasp. Here’s a very helpful visual explainer from David McCandless. Brexit explained Everything … Continue reading “Seeing Brexit clearly”