About me and this

About this blog

I like to read about art and design, culture, data, education and technology. I use this blog to record some of the interesting things I find along the way, and to help me look for connections. It’s a little random sometimes, but that’s ok.

We’ll get along fine once you realise I’m not very consistent here. This collection of links has gone through a number of platforms and domain names, and I regularly change my mind about how to organise and display things.

Just think of this as a smaller and less efficient version of my Pinboard site.

A little about me

me-three-840-496I graduated with an Interactive Arts degree in the 90s and after the obligatory — though very brief — stint as a web designer, I’ve enjoyed working with a range of student record systems across a number of universities, colleges and schools, leading teams and developing processes. You can find out more about all that on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line.

Terry Madeley