We’ll get along fine once you realise I’m not very consistent here. This collection of links has gone through a number of platforms and domain names over the years, and I regularly change my mind about how to organise and display everything.


WordPress categories and tags can be used in many different ways, or not at all. I like to think of categories as headings in a table of contents at the front of a book, and tags as forming an index at the back.

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Think of this as the index at the back of a book.

Monthly archives

Inconsistent and patchy. A little unreliable, but getting better.

Random post

The thing I enjoy most about this blog—well, any WordPress blog, I think—is the ?random link. Add that to your blog somewhere, and you’ll find yourself saying “Oh, I’d forgotten I’d written that!” over and over again for the rest of the afternoon.


Whilst this blog is mainly a collection of links to articles on an assortment of topics, I’m also experimenting with using this site to display some of my other things.