2013: the year in interactive storytelling


"From a ship in the South China Sea to the cost of health care in the United States, the range of subjects here is broad, but the common thread is the form of storytelling — an integration of text, video, photography and graphics."

Link: 20 scientific reasons to start meditating today


"When I started meditating, I did not realize it would also make me healthier, happier, and more successful. Having witnessed the benefits, I devoted my PhD research at Stanford to studying the impact of meditation. I saw people from diverse backgrounds from college students to combat veterans benefit. In the last 10 years, hundreds of studies have been released. Here are 20 scientifically-validated reasons you might want to get on the bandwagon today:"

Making perfect pictures on your iPhone


"I’m in love with the photo-making process: from the click of the shutter to the final product, it’s magic to me. And although the mechanical click has been replaced by a silent tap, my love for the art and science of photography has only intensified. I’m a firm believer in the idea that "the best camera is the one you have with you," and it’s never been more true than on today’s smartphone-saturated streets."

On a beam of light: the story of Albert Einstein, illustrated by the great Vladimir Radunsky



“The charming visual tale of an introverted little boy who grew up to become the quintessential modern genius.”

My must-have iPhone apps, 2013 edition


“It’s crazy to think that most of this stuff wasn’t possible just six years ago. Today, we have a device in our pockets that can stream any music we want, take high-res pictures, track our daily steps, watch movies, organize notes, check on weather forecasts, and even edit videos with a 64-bit CPU or run Python scripts.”

I really need to ween myself off these must-have-app list articles. Listicles! They’re feeling more and more irrelevant. Perhaps not so much irrelevant as- just unimportant. To me, anyway.

How Britain exported next-generation surveillance


"Thousands of cameras, millions of photographs, terabytes of data. You’re tracked, wherever you go."

I knew that we have more than our fair share of cameras, but I hadn’t really thought about just how widespread before. A vital read.

Why some people respond to stress by falling asleep


“"You can be driven to sleep simply by having a lot of emotional memories to process,” says Spencer. It takes sleep to provide the space needed to sift through the days’ experiences, and make permanent those that matter."

The amazing T-Rex illusion


"Based on the famous dragon illusion by optical illusionist Jerry Andrus, the ‘Amazing T-Rex Illusion’ from Brusspup is just as the name says… Amazing! You probably won’t even believe what you are seeing until you get to the end (but that’s okay, it means your brain is working correctly)."