A quick review of university records management websites

Here’s a PDF listing 22 university records management websites that people might find useful. Titles and section headings are listed to provide an indication of how the universities organise records management issues. Relevant staff titles are shown, where these are available, and an indication or best guess of where this work fits in the organisation structure … Continue reading “A quick review of university records management websites”


Some context: For large parts of my working day I’m sitting at my PC reading and writing emails, Word things, database things. I also sit and read/write in the canteen with a cup of something. And at various points throughout the week I go to meetings where I also do the sit/read/write/drink-tea thing. Sheets of … Continue reading “iMeh”

Student loans, university funding

Next year’s student loans delayed The launch of the loans and grants service for students starting in September 2010 should have been at the beginning of this week. But the Student Loans Company says that this has now been postponed. A review of loan delays for students who began courses this autumn found “conspicuous failures”. … Continue reading “Student loans, university funding”